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Football-$135.00 (discounted for multiple children)

Cheer- $100.00

Volunteer Fee- $20.00 (refundable)

Upfront Fundraising Fee-  $150 for 1st child, $50 for 2nd child, $50 for 3rd child.  You will be given raffle tickets to sell.

**If you would like to pick up raffle tickets before equipment hand out, please email Allison Jung at

Register Early- Registration will increase by $25 beginning 7/5

Registration will increase by $25 beginning 7/5



  • All 1st year players are required to have a copy of their birth certificate on file.  Please email a copy to or bring to equipment hand out.  
  • We do not need the full PIAA physical.  We only need your Childs physician to sign the below form indicating a physical within the last 12 months.

Important Information

The Red Rose League has adopted new rules regarding weight limits for 2021 and moving forward.  The weight limit for "skilled positions" (positions that have the ability to possess the ball) has remained unchanged.  However, players that now weigh-in "over-weight" can still participate in the game as offensive and defensive lineman.  So, in reality, the weekly weigh-ins are now just to designate if a player can possess the ball.  No player will be designated as ineligible to play.

A Team - 165 lbs, unlimited for lineman

B Team - 145 lbs, unlimited for lineman

C Team - 120 lbs, unlimited for lineman

D Team - 100 lbs, unlimited for lineman

2022 Registration

Registration is Open

2022 Registration

Register Here for Football & Cheer